Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort
inspired by nature...


Client's Quotes

Professional / Leadership Development Program

'Very good team building event.'
H.E. Finn Thilsted, Ambassador, Embassy of Denmark

'I had very high expectations from the Borderlands PDP and they exceeded my expectations.'
Richard Bennett, Representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN-OHCHR Nepal.

'I highly recommend Borderlands to provide one of the best professional training and team building opportunities in Nepal.'
Carla Rufelds, the Canadian Cooperation Office, Kathmandu

'Unforgettable' 'Unbelievable' 'Amazing'
Anil Shah, CEO, Nabil Bank, Kathmandu

'The training program was very effective and conducted in a very professional manner. It was tailor made to suit the experience and age of all the group members. It was very interactive with a lot of fun and adventure.'
HRD, the Radisson Hotel, Kathmandu

'Borderlands PDP is one of the top professional organizations in Nepal. The training provided is always the best.'
Subash B Singh, World Food Programme

'There were a great variety of programs and was very well organized. The instructors were great and it was a lot of fun and learing.'
Sandip Shah, S N Power

'Thrilling! Enjoyed every moment of it. We are planning to come back again and thanks to Borderlands for the great experience.'
Rakshya Gauchan, Lincoln School

'It was fantastically spontaneous and a great adventure.'
Yeshe Choden Rapten, The British School

'My overall experience was very memorable since I had a brilliant opportunity to get along with people I dont talk to so much in School. I also got to learn new skills of leadership and of dealing with fear and adventure sport.'
Ayushma Amatya, Lincoln School

Borderland Resort

"Everybody needs a place to hide away. I found mine here, where your worries are lost in whitewater and your spirits climb with the mountains . . . the experience is unrepeatable."

"Someone mentioned that this place was something special . . . but this far exceeds all my Expectations . . . What an oasis!"
Debbie, England

"Wow! What an awesome little piece of paradise. The people, the location, the river, the food. Thanks for sharing it all with us."
Peter, Australia

"The fantasy is ideal for a place like 'Borderlands'. As we race down the river things become perfect. This must be the most beautiful landscape . . . "
Lars Kanstrup, Denmark

"A gem of a place. As close as one can get to nature! A great unwind! Chill Out! Sleep early. Hope to be back soon."

"This is the best place in the world! Full of adventure and surprise."
Maireid, The British School

"The setting and experience are totally unique. This is literally a diamond in the rough and should be protected as such."
Barry Calhoun, Canada

"A total body, mind and soul experience."

"You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your Initiation what you'll find will be wonderful, what you'll discover will be yourself."

"Had a brilliant time - great rafting + company + everything!!!"

Bridgette Bhustane, New Zealand