Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort
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Corporate Social Responsibilty

The Borderlands Group does not lag behind in its Corporate Social Responsibility. It organizes the Annual River festival at the amazing Bhote Koshi River and lobbies for its preservation as well. The Managing Director of the group, Mr. Megh Ale, is also the Founder President of Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT), an organization that is actively involved in conserving Nepal's Himalayan river system, preserving the cultural heritage and developing an environmentally responsible tourism industry. Apart from supporting the annual Bagmati River Festival organized by NRCT on the occasion of the World Environment Day (June 5), the group also supports the Wetlands Day celebrations. Similarly, the group is operating the Borderlands Resort as an Eco Adventure Resort by minimizing the use of plastic bags, playing a vital role in the preservation of the local forest of the area and actively involved in raising awareness about tree plantation. Providing employment opportunities to the locals is yet another effort on the group's part which can be proven from the fact that 90 % of the Resort's staffs are local people. In addition, the group plays a vital role in supporting and managing 5 local schools namely:

Kali Devi Lower Secondary School

The group has been supporting this proposed secondary school, located in Gati Village, Sindhupalchowk, for the last 8 years.

Seti Primary School

This school is located at Dadakateri, Sindhupalchowk and we are affiliated with it since last year

Ram Rajya Primary School and Sayapatri Kindergarten

Both these schools are located in Dangsin, Syangja and we have been supporting it for the past 2 years

Deep Jyoti Primary School

Located in Sakhuwa, Sindhupalchowk, this school has been getting the Borderlands assistance for the past 2 years.